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Welcome to Malice Aforethought!

Malice Aforethought is a raiding guild that was founded in March 2012 by a group of raiders who were looking for a place to raid together. We have since enjoyed the addition of several new raiding members to our ranks, allowing us to progress very nicely in 10 man raids. It has always been our intention to remain small and maintain our focus on raiding above all else, however we have also welcomed several non-raiding members who are just interested in having a friendly environment to play their game in.

Who is Who
Your Guild Master is Tyle. He is also Raha, Deozon, Skaxx, Braegen, Deadtyle, and Fayde.

Your officers are:
Shael who is sometimes Shatterstep
Paryah who is often Shiyn or Triplesyxx

Please feel free to contact any of us. Only one of us bites...

For more information about our guild structure and policies, click on the link in the Useful Links box in the left column.

We have a guild website. If you are reading this, you are on it.

The website is powered by Enjin, a service that hosts guild websites specifically. All registration and log in information is handled by Enjin so no one in the guild, not even the website administrator, has access to any of your personal information. All permissions on the site (ie. who can see what) are handled by the WoW Armory. What this means is that in order to access all of our website content you have to be a member of the guild.

Please click the Register button in the left column to register. Once you have registered, add one of your characters who is in the guild to your account. This will automatically grant you access to guild content. If you need help with this, please contact Paryah.

Guild and raiding information will be posted in the forums. Please stop by from time to time to check. Feel free to post, to converse, and to use this as a communication tool. Anything that you post in the Private or Raid Team forums will be available to guild members only and is not for public view.

We have our own vent server. Please send Paryah an in game mail with the password that you would like to use for vent and she will set you up with a member account. Vent information is on the Info tab of the Guild panel in game. Once you have your own password, you can use it instead of the public password.

The Vault & Guild Repairs
The Guild Vault is for your use. Please keep it tidy. Please take stuff if you need it and add useful stuff if you like.

Guild Repairs are for your use. Please feel free to take advantage of this.

For more information click on the Guild Resources link in the Useful Links box in the left column.

What About Raiding?
We are a raiding guild, after all. We currently have two raid teams, Murder and Mayhem. Murder is our progression team and Mayhem is our regular team. If you are interested in potentially joining either team or in being a fill-in on either team, please talk to Tyle. Each team has it's own Forum and you will find more information about the teams there. If we get enough interest and another raid leader we may start up Team Massacre. Let Tyle know if this interests you too.

Questions & Concerns
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to Tyle or one of the officers. We will all be happy to address whatever we can.

Thank you for joining us!